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Tips for Eating Chinese Food for Keto Dieters

The Chinese food is extremely delicious and most of us like it. However, it is high in carbohydrates and can create problems for people on a keto diet. Though it is dangerous, you can still follow some best practices to binge on your favorite Chinese food items and satisfy your taste buds. Some important tips for eating Chinese food while you are on a keto diet are as follows:
Know Chinese Food
Before eating Chinese food on a keto diet, you should familiarize yourself with the Chinese cuisine. Basic knowledge of it helps you to order only those food items which are low carb. You can also discuss with the restaurant to customize the dish for making it low carb. You can also get to know from them if any ingredient in your food is breaded up or deep fried and if so, you should avoid it. You can ask for steamed and grilled dishes instead to comply with your dietary restrictions.
Tell the Server About Your Diet Restrictions
Ketogenic diet comes with numerous restrictions, however, due to its growing popularity, many restaurants may already be aware of them. Before ordering, you should tell your server that you are on a ketogenic diet and explain your dietary restrictions to them. You may be surprised to know that some Chinese restaurants may also offer exclusive low-carb food items designed for carb-conscious eaters. Explaining what you need from your diet will help the server make you suitable choices from the menu which will adhere to the keto diet’s requirements.
Order Off the Diet Menu
Most progressive and popular Chinese restaurants are now starting to offer a diet menu for health-conscious customers. You should, therefore, explicitly ask what you are looking for in a Chinese restaurant. You can order customizable dishes which fit into the carb restrictions of your keto diet.
Order Stir-Fry Sans Rice and Sauce
Most Chinese restaurants provide you different types of stir-fry that may contain vegetables, meat, rice, noodles, etc. If you are on a keto diet, then you should order one of these stir-fries without rice, noodles, and sauces. You can ask for a greater serving of vegetables instead. You should check with the restaurant if they cook their meals without using cornstarch or any other form of thickening agent. You can also order chicken and broccoli in Chinese restaurants but again you should be careful to skip the sauce and rice which comes along with the order.

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