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I know most people have not thought about the amount of weight you expect to lose in a month. Commonly, you are likely to find some adverts and since everyone wants quick results whereby they lose weight within a short while without much struggle, they will fall for beliefs that they can lose 30 pounds in two weeks and many other examples.

The fact remains that you must struggle to lose weight and it is not an easy process whereby you will ignore following the recommended weight loss plan and get good and fast results. Thereby, I recommend that you don’t believe some of the written literature as it will make you be disappointed in the end when you don’t get such results.

Weight in pounds to be lost

According to research, it is estimated that the amount of weight you lose mainly depends on how you conduct yourself in the weight loss plan. If you are truly dedicated to the plan, you can lose an average of eight to ten pounds in a month. However, you should know that this is dependent on many other factors such as your body metabolic rate and therefore, you should not feel discouraged whenever you don’t reach this exact target. You should always be ready to get exhausted and really struggle to achieve the results you desire as it is not an easy process.

What is required to lose 8-10 pounds?

It is important to remember, that this is the most you can lose when following your plan strictly. And when I say strictly I really mean it! You have to combine a variety of activities together with a special diet, which is usually not very appealing. It is obvious that most people will want to feed on a particular diet and do it whenever they want. However, to achieve this weight loss target, you need to be ready to endure a strict diet and follow a certain timeline.

This means that you are going to cut on the number of calories that you take every day including the most liked sugary junkies.

It might seem very unrealistic to lose such a weight over a month but when you check your diet, you can easily know how you will conduct it. You should also combine this with vigorous exercise which will include going to the gym. When you follow this strictly, you will definitely achieve this monthly target.

Therefore, a combination of good exercise and a diet with less calories will help you achieve this target.

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